Wayne Valley captured its seccond team title in three years while Passaic Tech's three-peated as a county champion, recording all first period pins to earn the accolades of Most Outstanding Wreslter.

2011 Passaic County Tournament Team Scores

Team Scores: 1. Wayne Valley 176; 2. Passaic Tech 126.5; 3. Clifton 95; 4T. Hawthorne 93.5; 4T. Lakeland 93.5; 6. Pompton Lakes 92; 7. West Milford 82; 8. Passaic Valley 80; 9. DePaul 54.5; 10. Wayne Hills 47; 11. Manchester Regional 44; 12. Passaic 29; 13. Paterson Kennedy 12; 14. Paterson Eastside 7

Anaconda Sports

Championship Finals

103-Pounds: Tyler Hrycak (Wayne Hills) dec, Jeff Dubois (Clifton) 6-2

112-Pounds: Jake Struble (Wayne Hills) dec. Dante Amato (Pompton Lakes) 7-4

119-Pounds: Dante Porrazzo (DePaul) maj. dec. Sam Tareky (Wayne Valley) 9-0

125-Pounds: Mohammed Abdelaziz (Passaic Tech) pin Jason Zuniga (Wayne Valley) 5:03

130-Pounds: Bryant Lighty (Passaic Tech) tech fall Andrew Gundlah (Pompton Lakes) 17-1, 1:55

135-Pounds: Vedal Kukul (Passaic Tecg) dec. Anthony Duncan (Wayne Valley) 5-0

140-Pounds: Mick Pezzano (Passaic Valley) tach fall Brett Secor (Pompton Lakes) 17-2, 5:00

145-Pounds: Pelai Deeb (Passaic Tech) pin Nick Armagno (Passaic Valley) 5:06

152-Pounds: Pat VanDyke (West Milford) pin Anthony Gianella (Hawthorne) 3:53

160-Pounds: Ethan Ramos (Hawthorne) maj. dec. Steve Secor (Lakeland) 17-7

171-Pounds: Nick Dellaferra (Wayne Valley) dec. Matt Berry (West Milford) 5-3

189-Pounds: Kevin Brackern (Lakeland) pin Evan Ramos (Hawthorne) 3:31

215-Pounds: Alex Trani (Wayne Valley) dec. Jack Pohlman (Passaic Valley) 4-2

285-Pounds: 285-Pounds: Andrew Grosser (Pompton Lakes) dec. Tom Trommelen (Clifton) 1-0



234 x 60

Championship Finals

Keith Bracken




Third Place Consolations

Christian Castano





Bryant Lightly

Passaic Tech




Rinaldy Hidalgo





Tykeer Womack




Consolation Third Place Finals

103-Pounds: Rinaldy Hidalgo (Passaic) dec, Billy Bici (Passaic Valley) 7-6

112-Pounds: Michael Spadola (Wayne Valley) dec. Dillon Guarino (West Milford) 4-2 OT

119-Pounds: Anthony DePasque (Clifton) dec. Al Hamdeh (Wayne Hills) 7-6

125-Pounds: Zafer Nuralis (Lakeland) pin Richard Naut (Clifton) 1:53

130-Pounds: Sal Castiglia (Wayne Valley) dec. Omar Sanabria (Passaic) 10-7

135-Pounds: Nick Carey (DePaul) maj. dec. Daryl Thomas (West Milford) 14-5

140-Pounds: Matt Kresch (Hawthorne) dec. James Sonzogni (Clifton) 9-8

145-Pounds: Omar Basuf (Manchester Regional) dec. Brandon Ross (Wayne Valley) 13-9

152-Pounds: Zack Kousa (Manchester Regional) pin Johnny Barry (Lakeland) 5:40

160-Pounds: Greg Buonpastore (Wayne Valley) won by forfeit Ahmad Bidas (Clifton)

171-Pounds: Christian Castano (Clifton) pin Anthony Pekkegrini (Pompton Lakes) :58

189-Pounds: Ali Arekat (Passaic Tech) dec. Anthony Landberg (Wayne Valley) 4-3

215-Pounds: Christian Rohn (Lakeland) maj. dec. Robert Levine (Wayne Hills) 14-6

285-Pounds: Adam Rehim (Manchester Regional) pin Koray Bozkut (Passaic Tech) 2:49

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103-Pounds: Tyler Hrycak (Wayne Valley) dec. Rinaldy Hidalgo (Passaic) 4-2; Jean DuBois (Clifton) dec. Billy Bici (Passaic Valley) 1-0

112-Pounds: Dante Amato (Pompton Lakes) dec. Dillon Guarino (West Milford) 8-2; Jake Struble (Wayne Hills) dec. Michael Spadola (Wayne Valley) 5-0

119-Pounds: Dante Porrazzo (DePaul) maj. dec. Al Hamdeg (Wayne Hills) 11-2; Sam Tareky (Wayne Valley) dec, Anthony DePasque (Clifton) 9-7

125-Pounds: Jadon Zuniga (Wayne Valley) pin Richard Naut (Clifton) 1:45; Mohammed Abdelaziz (Passaic Tech) maj. dec. Zafer Nuralis (Lakeland) 14-0

130-Pounds: Bryant Lighty (Passaic Tech) pin Sal Castiglia (Wayne Valley) 1:16; Andrew Gundlah (Pompton Lakes) pin Omar Sanabria (Passaic) 3:39

135-Pounds: Vedal Kukul (Passaic Tech) pin Nick Carey (DePaul) 3:01; Anthony Duncan (Wayne Valley) dec. Daryl Thomas (West Milford) 15-5

140-Pounds: Nick Pezzano (Passaic Valley) dec. James Sonzogni (Clifton) 11-4; Brett Secor (Pompton Lakes) dec. Matt Kresch (Hawthorne) 11-9

145-Pounds: Pelai Deeb (Passaic Tech) pin Brandon Ross (Wayne Valley) 1:36; Nick Armagno (Passaic Valley) maj. dec, Oman Basuf (Manchester Regional) 10-2

152-Pounds: Anthony Gianella (Hawthorne) tech fall Johnny Berry (Lakeland) 21-5, N/T; Pat Van Duyne (West Milford) dec. Zach Kousa (Manchester Regional) 10-9

160-Pounds: Ethan Ramos (Hawthorne) pin Greg Buonpastore (Wayne Valley) 5:29; Steve Secor (Lakeland) won by default Ahmad Bidas (Clifton) 1:40

171-Pounds: Nick Dekkaferra (Wayne Valley) ec. Christian Castano (Clifton) 9-2; Matt Berry (West Milford) dec. Anthony Pelligrini (Pompton Lakes) 6-0

189-Pounds: Kelly Bracken (Lakeland) pin Anthony Landberg (Wayne Valley) 3:59; Evan Ramos (Hawthorne) Ali Arekat (Passaic Tech) 3:35

215-Pounds: Jack Pohlman (Passaic Valley) maj. dec. Robert Levine (Wayne Hills) 19-7; Alex Trani (Wayne Valley) dec. Christian Rohn (Lakeland) 2-1 OT

285-Pounds: Andrew Grosser (Pompton Lakes) pin Koray Bozkut (Passaic Tech) 3-2; Tom Trommelen (Clifton) dec. Adam Rehim (Manchester Regional) 1-0


103-Pounds: Rinaldy Hidalgo (Passaic) pin Jeffrey Disia (Passaic Tech) :31; Tyler Hrycak (Wayne Valley) pin Ryan Love (West Milford) :53; Billy Bici (Passaic Valley) pin Lou Carusillo (DePaul) 1:45; Jean DuBois (Clifton) pin Val Bianco (Hawthorne) 1:04

112-Pounds: Dante Amato (Pompton Lakes) dec. Tom Dunphy (Passaic Valley) 8-4; Dillon Guarino (West Milford) dec. Tykeer Womack (Passaic) 7-5; Jake Struble (Wayne Hills) dec. Mike Griess (DePaul) 7-4; Michael Spadola (Wayne Valley) maj. dec. Justin Rodriquez (Passaic Tech) 12-1

119-Pounds: Dante Porrazzo (DePaul) tech fall Dylan Kane (West Milford) 20-5, 4:19; Al Hamdeh (Wayne Hills) maj. dec. Edwin Aristizabel (Passaic Valley) 10-2; Sam Tareky (Wayne Valley) pin Mohammed Islam (Paterson Kennedy) 2:20; Anthony DePasque (Clifton) pin Tommy Zinhobl (Lakeland) 1:27

125-Pounds: Jason Zuniga (Wayne Valley) pin Pete Tantiilla (Passaic Valley) 1:01; Richard Naul (Clifton) pin Tykeer Womack (Passaic) 4:55; Mohammen Abdelaziz (Passaic Tech) dec. Charlie Tipper (Hawthorne) 11-5; Zafer Nuralis (Lakeland) maj. dec. Kevin Rojas (DePaul) 10-2

130-Pounds: Bryant Lighty (Passaic Tech) won by def. Sal Castiglia (Wayne Valley) 5-3; Omat Sanabria (Passaic) pin Eric Peschel (Wayne Hills) 3:47; Andrew Gundlah (Pompton Lakes) dec. Jon Ryerson (Hawthorne) 3-1

135-Pounds: Vedal Kukul (Passaic Tech) pin Rich Trias (Hawthorne) :46; Nick Carey (DePaul) maj. dec. Bryce Franck (Wayne Hills) 14-2; Anthony Duncan (Wayne Valley) dec. Dwaine Mah-Leung (Paterson Eastside) 7-5; Darryl Thomas (West Milford) dec. Francisco Jimenez (Clifton) 9-5

140-Pounds:: Nick Pezzano (Passaic Valley) tech fall Eugene Park (DePaul) 22-6, 5:22; James Sonzogni (Clifton) maj. dec. Youssef Sari (Passaic Tech) 11-1; Matt Kresch (Hawthorne) pin Vinny Dragonetti (West Milford) 2:50; Brett Secor (Pompton Lakes) pin Alex DeVito (Lakeland) 5:29

145-Pounds: Pelai Deeb (Passaic Tech) pin Matt DeLallo (DePaul) 3:45; Brandon Rosa (Wayne Valley) dec, Evan Benvenuti (Lakeland) 8-1; Nick Armagno (Passaic Valley) dec. Jose Bonilla (Paterson Eastside) 3-1 OT; Omar Basuf (Manchester Regional) dec. Andrew Arroyo (Hawthorne) 6-5

152-Pounds: Johnny Berry (Lakeland) dec. Phil Esposito (DePaul) 3-0; Anthony Gianella (Hawthorne) dec. Orkan Karimov (Clifton) 9-6; Zack Kousa (Manchester Regional) maj. dec. Eric Payne (Passaic Tech) 16-6; Pat Van Duyne (West Milford) pin Jimmy Van Kluyve (Wayne Hills) 4:39

160-Pounds: Ethan Ramos (Hawthorne) pin Dan Mulligan (DePaul) 1:38; Greg Buonpastore (Wayne Valley)dec. Nick Andriani (Passaic Valley) 3-2; Steve Secor (Lakeland) pin Joe Quezada (Manchester Regional) 3:52; Ahmad Bidas (Clifton) pin Ricj DiZanza (West Milford) 1:40

171-Pounds: Nick Dellaferra (Wayne Valley) pin Tony Tela (Paterson Eastside) 1:38; Christian Castano (Clifton) pin Nick Kovatch (Passaic Tech) 2:54; Anthony Pellegrini (Pompton Lakes) maj. dec. Jon Fazio (Lakeland) 9-; Matt Berry (West Milford) pin Mike Patulla (Hawthorne) 2:36

189-Pounds: Kevin Bracken (Lakeland) pin Kerem Ozgerek (Passaic Valley) 1:50; Anthony Lanberg (Wayne Valley) pin Kenneth James (Paterson Eastside) 3:09; Ali Arekat (Passaic Tech) pin Ahmad Alfawair (Clifton) 1:39; Evan Ramos (Hawthorne) pin Teddy Houlis (Pompton Lakes) 2:47

215-Pounds: Jack Pohlman (Passaic Valley) pin Nicholas Gallone (Paterson Kennedy) :49; Robert Levine (Wayne Hills) pin 4:51; Christian Rohn (Lakeland) pin Ryan Hollis (Hawthorne) 2:09; Alex Trani (Wayne Valley) pin Will Wenzel (West Milford) 1:32

285-Pounds: Andrew Grosser (Pompton Lakes) pin Bill Brown (Hawthorne) 1:06; Koray Bozkut (Passaic Tech) dec. Juan Romero (Passaic) 3-2; Tom Trommelen (Clifton) dec. Keith Webber (West Milford) 1-0; Adam Rehim (Manchester Regional) pin Brandon Narbone (Lakeland) 4:29


103-Pounds: Jeffrey Disia (Passaic Tech) pin Chase Monarque (Pompton Lakes) 1:32; Val Bianco (Hawthorne) pin Qualil McDonald (Paterson Eastside) 3:45.

112-Pounds: Dante Amato (Pompton Lakes) maj. dec. Alex Guarnieri (Hawthorne) 8-0; Tykeer Womack (Passaic) pin Victor Rodriguez (Paterson Eastside) :11; Dillon Guarino (West Milford) pin Mohammed Mohammed (Manchester Regional) 1:18; Michael Griess (DePaul) pin Dylan Poni (Lakeland) 1:22; Justin Rodrigues (Passaic Tech) maj. dec. Maurice Marsilla (Clifton) 12-1

119-Pounds: Dylan Kaine (West Milford) pin Rich Garzon (Hawthorne) 2:33; Mohammed Islam (Paterspon Kennedy) pin Dean Kousa (Manchester Regional) :53; Tommy Zinhobi (Lakeland) dec. Emilio Chavez (Passaic Tech) 7-0

125-Pounds: Pete Tantillo (Passaic Valley) dec. Kevin Ortiz (Manchester Regional) 5-2; Kevin Rojas (DePaul) dec. Nick Vesichelli (Wayne Hills) 14-8

130-Pounds: Jack Weinberg (West Milford) pin Ekrem Hasan (Manchester Regional) :33; Ahmad Ramadan (Paterson Kennedy) pin Mo Darwish (Passaic Valley) 1:00; Eric Peschel (Wayne Hills) pin Omar Naser (Clifton) 1:52; Andrew Gundlah (Pompton Lakes) dec. Brad Trump (DePaul) 7-2

135-Pounds: Rich Trias (Passaic Valley) pin Murad Stas (Hawthorne) 3:21; Anthony Duncan (Wayne Valley) dec. Renee Vasquez (Passaic) 7-1; Darryl Thomas (West Milford) pin Pat Dowling (Pompton Lakes) :47

140-Pounds: Eugene Park (DePaul) pin Darren Schweibel (Wayne Hills) 3:12

145-Pounds: Matt DeLallo (DePaul) pin Corey Flynn (Pompton Lakes) 2:50; Evan Benvenuti (Lakeland) pin Kyle Silvestri (West Milford) 1:35; Brandon Ross (Wayne Valley) pin Jariwalla Jenish (Passaic) 3:11; Nick Armagno (Passaic Valley) maj. dec. Aaron Millan (Clifton) 17-4; Omar Basuf (Manchester Regional) pin Mazan Odataila (Wayne Hills) 5:04

152-Pounds: Phil Esposito (DePaul) dec. Anthony Nucci (Wayne Valley) 4-1; Anthony Gianella (Hawthorne) pin William Rodriguez (Passaic) 1:36; Zach Kousa (Manchester Regional) dec. Jose Arroyo (Pompton Lakes) 10-4; Jimmy Van Kuyve (Wayne Hills) dec. Dave Cruz (Passaic Valley) 4-2

160-Pounds: Dan Mulligan (DePaul) Mohammed Tamini (Passaic Tech) 6-3; Nick Andriani (Passaic Valley) dec. Angelly Apolinario (Passaic) 9-4; Jon Quezada (Manchester Regional) dec. Keith Lopez (Pompton Lakes) 7-2; Rich DiZenzo (West Milford) pin Christian Melendez (Paterson Eastside) :57

171-Pounds: Tony Tela (Paterson Eastside) pin Rob Novak (Passaic Valley) 1:51; Jon Fazio (Lakeland) tech fall Andre Bastas (Manchester Regional) 20-2, 6:00; Mike Patulla (Hawthorne) pin Gavin Gregory (DePaul) 3:45

189-Pounds: Karem Ozgerek (Passaic) dec. Zach Manley (DePaul) 3-1; Kenneth James (Paterson Eastside) maj. dec. Sal Schimmenti (West Milford) 10-0; Ahmad Alfawir (Clifton) pin Chris Zavala (Manchester Regional) :57; Teddy Houlis (Pompton Lakes) dec. Mark Gardinet (Passaic) 3-0

215-Pounds: Nicholas Gallone (Paterson Kennedy) pin Bryan Espinosa (Passaic) :40; A;ex Hoben (Pompton Lakes) pin Edgar Ordonez (Clifton) :29; Robert Levine (Wayne Hills) pin Emmanuel Soriano (Passaic Tech) 4:43; Ryan Hollis (Hawthorne) pin Cesar Silvestre (Paterson Eastside) 4:28; Will Wenzel (West Milford) pin pin Joe Cobuzio (DePaul) 2:46

285-Pounds: Bill Brown (Hawthorne) pin Luis Ruiz (Paterson Kennedy) 2:42; Juan Romero (Passaic) dec. William Duncan (West Milford) 4-2; Keith Webber (West Milford) pin Nick Toro (DePaul) 2:18; Brendon Nardone (Lakeland) dec. Matt Patton (Passaic Valley 7-5

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