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Boonton Lanes

Wharton F.O.P. sponsors Bowling Benefit for Callahan Family of Rockaway

Mon-Fri. Day (Adults) 9:AM-5PM $1.25
Mon-Thurs Evening (Adults) Starts 5:PM $2.50
Fri. Night Starts 5:PM $3.25
Saturday Morning 9:AM-5:PM $2.50
Saturday Night Starts 5:PM $3.25
Sunday Morning 9:AM-5:PM $2.50
Sunday Night Starts 5:PM $2.50
Mon-Fri. Day (Youth) 9:AM-5:PM $1.00
Mon-Fri. Evening (Youth) Starts 5:PM $2.50
Mon-Fri. Day (Seniors) 9:AM-5:PM $.75
Mon-Fri Evening (Seniors) Starts 5:PM $2.50
The Wharton F.O.P. Lodge #24 is sponsoring an Annual Bowling Night at Dover Lanes on February 16 with proceeds to benefit the Callahan Family of Rockaway Township. Officer Liam Callahan of the Port Authority Police was a victim of the September 11 attach on the World Trade Center.
Tickets are priced at $25 per person and includes games, food and door prizes. For ticket information or to make a donation, call the F.O.P. at 973-366-5893, extension 14. Tickets are also available at Dover Lanes.









Boonton Lane Highlights for week ending January 19, 2002

700s are commonplace on Boonton lanes

by Dennis Wilson

Capturing the spotlight at Boonton Lanes in the Dr. Riverside competition was Mike Robillard who put together scores of 243-242-273 to finish with a sparkling three-game pin fall of 758.
There was a battle between Keith Brower and Bob Hempelman for top series accolades among the Ridgerunners. Brower came out on top with a 738 series that included games of 224-266-248 while Hempelman finished with a 710 on scores of 216-226-268.
Doug Cattan strung together games of 235-267-216 to finish with a 718 series in the Homestead Mixed League. Todd Nakamura surpassed the 700 plateau in the Innovex Mixed League, turning in games of 235-216-252 to finish with a 703 series.

Adult Leagues

Best Of Friday Night: John Tor 246,252-670, Eric Scott 204,231,232-667, Diane Rue 190-504.

Boonton Bowlerettes : Ida Anderson 186,191-517, Tess Rolston 509.

Coffee Nerves: Carolyn Bachman 207-546, Susan Maute 203,182-541.

Disney Adult/Child: Marr Kane 234,213-447.

Dr. Riverside: Mike Robillard 243,242,273-758, Mark Roome 255,234-698, Brian mc lane 280,213-653.

Homestead Mixed : Doug Cattan 235, 267,216-718, Carey Shoup 246,235-678, Sue Dobrinsky 222, 181-575, Ann Zeckendorf 214-543.

Innovex Mixed: Todd Nakamura 235,216,252-703, Sharon Du Haime 196-515.

Lake Valhalla Women's: Aleida Schmidt 190, 171, Barbara Schmidt 189, Betsy Heller 185.

Monday Afternoon Ladies: Mary Backus 237-526, Karin Skaletsky 200(pins over average85).

Monday Nite Mixed: Ryan Prevost 259,242-690, Todd Prevost 245,218,227-690, Linda Price 200,237-610, Chrissy Condurso 194,193-552.

Mountain Lakes Couples: Art Hixson 196,204-575, Norm Meidling 185,182,188-555, Margie Hixson 205,191-540.

N.F.L. Adult/Child : Bernie Puchalski 200.

No-Dell Mixed: Sal Distefano 266,202,213-681, Rocky Bailey 240,215,221-676, Diane Martin 202,222-603, Kate Garrity 211-557,

Pauls Gang: Rick Nikovits 232,222,205-659, George Davis 202,256-638.

Ridgerunners: Keith Brower 224,266,248-738, Bob Hempelman 216,226,268-710, Sharon Bush 224,235-627, Denise Tuths 200,213-592.

Riverside Mixed: Bob Dziedzic 215,237,203-655, Roger Lane 226,213-634, Donna Kovach 192,213-561, Terry Berkheimer 180,194-546.

Riverview P.T.A.: Joyce Groves 192-510.

Rockaway River Country Club Women: Marge Hixson 197,189-538.

Rotary Mixed: Bob Feid 212,220-622.

Sokols Mixed: Jim Lynch 219,213-611, Amy Ustupski 212.

Sportsmen: Larry Sotsky 201,246-636, Ryan Hammer 200,266-634, Tom Fuscaldo 223,216-632, Brian McLane 233-621.

Tiffany Mixed: Steve Beloff 213,267-676, Gary Birth 233,201-618, Karen Norton 184-536, Claudia Jobst 199-519.

Wednesday Night Ladies: Lori Hoogmoed 209,194-555, Beverly Boyd 179,192-527.

Utopians: Aaron Shruby 205,212,244-661, Joe Thorpe 225,206-621, Billie Griffen 220,201-603, Pat Wilfong 182,182-520.

Junior Leagues

Boonton High School: Sean Eckrote 225,162-387, Brian Hom 175,198-373, Cindy Bonanni 165.

Boonton Recreation: Dom Ackerman 147, Richie Maclachlan 143,129, Elyse Oravits 126.

Friday Montville Recreation Green: Brandon Adler 134, Matt Kaiser 132, Lila Schneider 125.

Friday Montville Recreation White: Paul Whitman 255,136, Nicholas Kowalski 152(pins over average60)

Montville Recreation Bumper : Robert Blasi 103,Devin Karl 105, Kenny Kiernan 107, Ryan Mc Namara 107.

NFL Adult - Child: Ed Bakelaar 226, Brian Pires 217.

Saturday Junior League: Brian Hom 160,225,181-566, Sean Eckrote 179,198,165-542, Suzanne Sadowski 171.

Wednesday Montville Recreation: Anthony Williams 210-329, Feeroz Maqsudi 155,151-306.

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