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Ledgerwood races to 2nd in 3rd Annual Park Ridge 5K

By Dennis Wilson

Five Park Ridge residents turned in gold medal performances in their age divisions of the 3rd Annual Park Ridge 5K Run contested last Sunday. Ramsey's Matt Kohlbrenner was the overall winner with Park Ridge's Mark Ledgerwood finishing second in 17 minures, 49 seconds. Another Park Ridge resident, Brian Koch, placed third with a clocking of 18 minutes, 44 seconds.
Toni Ann Meca was the youngest winner as the 10-year old finished first in 19 & under girls age bracket, posting a time of 51 minutes, 34 seconds while 33-year old Sharon Cotugno won the women's 30 to 39-year old age group with a clocking of 25 minutes, 13 seconds.
In the distaff 40 to 49 age division, the winner was 49-year old Sarah Mullane who turned in a time of 25 minutes, 45 seconds. Cheryl Breitbart finished first among the 50 to 59-year old females with a time of 50 minutes, 6 seconds while 62-year old Elizabeth Stapleton raced to a first place finish in the women's 60 & older age category.
Picking up runnerup awards were Park Ridge's 16-year old Philip Taylor, 24-year old Robert DeCarlo, 27-year old Denise Paolercio, 36-year old Frank Hughes, 39-year old Laura Beer, 50-year old Noreen Hunt and 51-year old Tom Monahan.
Finishing in third place were Park Ridge's 29-year old Tammy Levinson and 44-year old Mary Jane Christie.

3rd Annual Park Ridge 5k Run

2. Mark Ledgerwood (Park Ridge) 17:49; 3. Brian Koch (Park Ridge) 18:44; 9. Philip Taylor (Park Ridge) 19:37; 13. Frank Hughes (Park Ridge) 20:49; 14. Tom Monahan (Park Ridge) 20:53; 17. Mike McCall (Park Ridge) 21:08; 24. Jeffrey St. John (Park Ridge) 22:32; 27. Geoffrey Hespe (Park Ridge) 23:11; 30. Robert DeCarlo (Park Ridge) 23:41; 31. Shawn Melnar (Park Ridge) 23:46; 32. David Schneider (Park Ridge) 24:30; 33. Tod Christie (Park Ridge) 24:35. 36. Karen Murphy (Park Ridge) 24:40; 37. Joe Destro (Park Ridge) 24:43; 38. Olga Mahoney (Park Ridge) 24:50; 39. John Dimede (Park Ridge) 24:56; 43. Sharon Cotugno (Park Ridge) 25:13; 44. Nick Maselli (Park Ridge) 25:35; 45. Eugene Walker (Park Ridge) 25:45; 46. Sarah Mullane (Park Ridge) 25:45; 47. John Carabetta (Park Ridge) 25:53; 49. Matthew Clancy (Park Ridge) 25:57; 51. Jess Cary (Park Ridge) 26:03; 52. Jim Neilan (Park Ridge) 26:11; 53. Michael Mullane (Park Ridge) 26:34; 54. John Markle (Park Ridge) 26:38; 58. Laura Beer (Park Ridge) 27:36; 61. Denise Paolercio (Park Ridge) 28:05; 63. Carol Ann Clancy (Park Ridge) 28:31; 65. Aze Russell (Park Ridge) 28:38; 67. Mike Quinn (Park Ridge) 29:08; 72. Greg Stialb (Park Ridge) 30:29; 75. Patricia O'Donoghue (Park Ridge) 31;01; 76. Colleen Appleblatt (Park Ridge) 31:01; 79. Mary Jane Christie (Park Ridge) 31:54; 83. Thomas Anton (Park Ridge) 33:54; 85. Rosha Weinberg (Park Ridge) 34:50; 86. Marc Weinberg (Park Ridge) 34:51; 88. Elias Dontas (Park Ridge) 35:30; 90. Karen Koehler (Park Ridge) 35:34; 91. Clark Brinkerhoff (Park Ridge) 38:33; 92. Janet Charles (Park Ridge) 41:25; 93. Evan Friedman (Park Ridge) 42:31; 94. Richard Taylor (Park Ridge) 42:40; 95. Marjorie Taylor (Park Ridge) 45:57; 96. Mark Eisen (Park Ridge); 97. Mary Diedtrich (Park Ridge) 47>04; 98. Kathy Rogers (Park Ridge) 47:25; 99. Jean Stapleton (Park Ridte) 47:25; 100. Elizabeth Stapleton (Park Ridge) 47:26; 101. Nancy Russell (Park Ridge) 47:32; 102. Meryl Friedman (Park Ridge) 49:26; 103. Jody Ludwig (Park Ridge) 50:06; 104. Cheryl Breitbart (Park Ridge) 50:06; 105. Tony Ann Meca (Park Ridge) 51:34; 106. Kate Kaufman (Park Ridge) 52:00; 107. Beth Heller (Park Ridge) 52:00; 109. Rosemarie Pigot (Park Ridge) 52:02; 111. Donna Mason (Park Ridge) 52:05; 112. Noreen Hunt (Park Ridge) 52:06; 113. Peggy Meca (Park Ridge) 52:07; 114. Janice Mawdstey (Park Ridge) 52:16; 115. Mary Gianella (Park Ridge) 52:16; 116. Tammy Levinson (Park Ridge) 52:17; 117. Matt Levinson (Park Ridge) 52:20; 118. June Franzese (Park Ridge) 52:20.
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