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Championship Finals

Dan Glover (Bergenfield)



Consolation Third Place

Dale Fava (Don Bosco Prep)



Consolation Fifth Place

David Misley (Emerson/Park Ridge)




Dave Greenwald (St. Mary's/Rutherford)




R.J. Cummins (Bergen Catholic)



Second Round

Brad Arlington (Mahwah)



First Round

Mike Cataraso (St. Joseph Regional/Montvale)



Championship Finals

103 Pounds: John Trumbetti (St. Joseph) dec. Matt Szucs (River Dell) 7-2

112 Pounds: Dan Glover (Bergenfield) pin Jon Weber (Westwood) 3:45

119 Pounds: Dave Greenwald (St. Mary) maj. dec. Daryl Cocozzo (River Dell) 10-2

125 Pounds: Bryan Nunziato (Bergen Catholic) maj. dec. Jim Grant (St. Mary) 13-1

130 Pounds: Sal Tirico (Lodi) dec. Randy Dunkin (Bergen Catholic) 7-3

135 Pounds: Derek Sickles (Bergen Catholic) maj. dec. Ray Cottiers (New Milford) 12-2

140 Pounds: Rory O'Donnell (St. Joseph) pin Joe Schick (Fair Lawn) 4:41

145 Pounds: Nick Bandreth (Emerson/Park Ridge) pin Brad Marquart (Rutherford) 5:55

152 Pounds: Andrew Barnish (St. Joseph) maj. dec. Everett Sayers (Pascack Valley) 14-1

160 Pounds: Lior Zamir (Fair Lawn) dec. Ben Davidson (St. Joseph) 4-1

171 Pounds: Kevin Moran (Paramus) dec. Ricky Keenan (Bogota) 12-6

189 Pounds: Rich Vitale (River Dell) dec. James Layman (Bergen Catholic) 6-5

215 Pounds: Keith Dobish (Lodi) dec. James Culliere (Indian Hills) 4-1

275 Pounds: Diego Crespo (Paramus Catholic) dec. Eric Sewell (Hackensack) 10-6

Team Scores: 1. Bergen Catholic 171; 2. St. Mary's/Rutherford 155.5; 3. St. Joseph Regional/Montvale 133; 4. River Dell 120.5; 5. Fair Lawn 114.5; 6. Northern Highlands 96.5; 7. Ramapo 87; 8. Lodi 83; 9. Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield 80.5; 10. Emerson/Park Ridge 80; 11. Pascack Valley 78; 12. Paramus 72; 13. Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge 58; 14. Don Bosco Prep 55.5; 15. Rutherford 53.5; 16. Indian Hills 52; 17. North Bergen 51.5; 18. Westwood 49.5; 19. Northern Valley/Demarest 49; 20. Dumont 46.5; 21. Hackensack 41; 22. Cliffside Park 39: 23T. Bergen Tech 34; 23T. Waldwick/ Midland Park 34; 25T. Northern Valley/Old Tappan 33; 25T. Paramus Catholic 33; 27. New Milford 29; 28. Bergenfield 28; 29. Fort Lee 27; 30T. Pascack Hills 26.5; 30T. Ramsey 26.5; 31. Bogota 26; 32. Becton/Wallington 25; 33. Ridgewood 24; 34. Garfield 23; 35. Saddle Brook 19; 36. Mahwah 17; 37T. Cresskill 13; 37T. Leonia/Palisades Park 13; 39. Elmwood Park 9.5; 40. Lyndhurst/North Arlington 4

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Third Place Consolation Finals

103 Pounds: Fred Santaite (Northern Highlands) dec. Kyle McSweeney (Northern Valley/Old Tappan) 5-3

112 Pounds: Bo Ryan (St. Mary) dec. Isaac Golubchin (Cliffside Park) 5-2

119 Pounds: Dale Fava (Don Bosco Prep) pin Brad Arlington (Mahwah) :16

125 Pounds: Matt Lindsey (Paramus) dec. John Dack (Don Bosco Prep) 5-1

130 Pounds: Steve Rodriguez (North Bergen) dec. Ken Giancola (Fair Lawn) 6-4

135 Pounds: Cory Dunn (Rutherford) maj. dec. Mike Icognito (Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge) 17-7

140 Pounds: Bob Cannicci (St. Mary) won by disqualification over Spencer Kent (Bergen Catholic)

145 Pounds: Brian Innis (St. Mary) dec. Roberto Cellis (Northern Highlands) 11-5

152 Pounds: Daniel Woods (Northern Valley/Demarest) pin Rich Eichenlaub (Pascack Hills) :31

160 Pounds: Bryan Fill (Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge) pin Turget Guersel (Cliffside Park) 1:53

171 Pounds: Ed Dolan (St. Mary) dec. Greg Osgoodby (Waldwick/Midland Park) 12-6

189 Pounds: Dillon Landi (Fair Lawn) dec. John Elia (Pascack Valley) 11-5

215 Pounds: R.J. Cummins (Bergen Catholic) pin Sean Lissemore (Dumont) 3:54

275 Pounds: Mark Fersa (Saddle Brook) pin Ken Dryden (Emerson/Park Ridge) 4:46

Fifth Place Consolation Finals

103 Pounds: Jon McKeon (Ridgewood) dec. Danny Bonastia (Cliffside Park) 5-0

112 Pounds: Ryan Fullam (Emerson/Park Ridge) pin Ed Tucker (Paramus) 3:15

119 Pounds: Matt Mogenstern (Bergen Catholic) dec. Tom Piccinnini (Northern Highlands) 5-3

125 Pounds: Jack O'Hara (Pascack Valley) dec. P.J. Maio (Northern Highlands) 7-3

130 Pounds: Rob Kein (Becton/Wallington) dec. Jon Biango (Waldwick/Midland Park) 3-2

135 Pounds: David Misley (Emerson/Park Ridge) pin Dan Porta (Northern Valley/Demarest) :35

140 Pounds: Jason Horowytz (Pasack Valley) dec. Matt Sytsma (Ramapo) 2-1 OT

145 Pounds: Jim Schulz (Ramapo) dec. Rico Rodriguez (North Bergen) 5-4

152 Pounds: Mark Getto (Northern Highlands) dec. Lou Cevetello (St. Mary) 9-6

160 Pounds: John Procopio (Indian Hills) won by forfeit

171 Pounds: Mike Westphal (Dumont) won by forfeit

189 Pounds: Cesar Fernandez (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) maj. dec. Angelo Riccardi (Ramapo) 13-4

215 Pounds: Dan Fugnitti (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) dec. Hector Gomez (North Bergen) 4-1

275 Pounds: Joe Hamm (River Dell) pin Terry Stanford (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 3:58

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103-Pounds: Matt Szucs (River Dell) pin Kyle McSweeny (Northern Valley/Old Tappan) 3:59

103-Pounds: John Trumbetti (St. Joseph) maj. dec. Fred Santaite (Northern Highlands) 9-0

112-Pounds: Dan Glover (Bergenfield) dec. Isaac Golubchev (Cliffside Park) 9-2

112-Pounds: John Weber (Westwood) maj. dec. Bo Ryan (St. Mary) 9-0

119-Pounds: Dave Greenwald (St. Mary) pin Dale Fava (Don Bosco Prep) :18

119-Pounds: Daryl Cocozzo (River Dell) dec. Brad Arlington (Mahwah) 4-0

125-Pounds: Bryan Nunziato (Bergen Catholic) maj. dec. John Dack (Don Bosco Prep) 14-3

125-Pounds: Jim Grant (St. Mary) maj. dec. Matt Lindsey (Paramus) 15-7

130-Pounds: Sal Tirico (Lodi) dec. Kne Giancola (Fair Lawn) 12-7

130-Pounds: Randy Dunkin (Bergen Catholic) pin Steve Rodriguez (North Bergen) 3:50

135-Pounds: Ray Cottiers (New Milford) dec. Mike Incognito (Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge) 7-5

135-Pounds: Derek Sickles (Bergen Catholic) dec. Cory Dunn (Rutherford) 4-3

140-Pounds: Rory O'Donnell (St. Joseph) pin Bob Cannicci (St. Mary) 2:17

140-Pounds: Joe Schick (Fair Lawn) dec. Spencer Kent (Bergen Catholic) 2-1

145-Pounds: Nick Bandreth (Emerson/Park Ridge) maj. dec. Roberto Cellis (Northern Highlighs) 11-0

145-Pounds: Brad Marquart (Rutherford) dec. Brian Innis (St. Mary) 6-4

152-Pounds: Andrew Barnish (St. Joseph) tech. Fall Rick Eichenlaub (Pascack Hills) 16-0, N/T

152-Pounds: Everett Sayers (Pascack Valley) dec. Daniel Woods (Northern Valley/Demarest) 9-2

160-Pounds: Lior Zamir (Fair Lawn) pin Bryan Fill (Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge) 4:41

160-Pounds: Ben Davidson (St. Joseph) tach. Fall Turget Guersal (Cliffside Park) 17-1, N/T

171-Pounds: Kevin Moran (Paramus) dec. Greg Osgoodby (Waldwick/Midland Park) 6-4

171-Pounds: Ricky Keenen (Bogota) pin Ed Dolan (St. Mary) 5:31

189-Pounds: Rich Vitale (River Dell) pin John Elia (Pascack Valley) 3:17

189-Pounds: James Layman (Bergen Catholic) dec. Dillon Landi (Fair Lawn) 9-6

215-Pounds: Keith Dobish (Lodi) dec. Sean Lissemore (Dumont) 9-6

215-Pounds: James Cullere (Indian Hills) pin R.J. Cummins (Bergen Catholic) 4:28

275-Pounds: Diego Crespo (Paramus Catholic) pin Mark Fersa (Saddle Brook) :24

275-Pounds: Eric Sewell (Hackensack) pin Ken Dryden (Emerson/Park Ridge) 3:47


103-Pounds: Matt Szucas (River Dell) pin Dan Matthael (Fair Lawn) :43

103-Pounds: Kyle McSweeney (Northern Valley/Old Tappan) pin Randy Bognatz (Hackensack) 1:55

103-Pounds: John Trumbetti (St. Joseph) maj. dec. Max Ferreira (Creeskill) 12-4

103-Pounds: Fred Santaite (Northern Highlands) dec. Mike Lupo (Bergen Tech) 8-4

112-Pounds: Dan Glover (Bergenfield) dec. Ryan Fulham (Emerson/Park Ridge) 7-2

112-Pounds: Isaac Golubchin (Cliffside Park) dec. Joe Basso (Don Bosco Prep) 10-5

112-Pounds: Bo Ryan (St. Mary) pin Stephen Andolena (Ramsey) 3:05

112-Pounds: Jon Weber (Westwood) dec. Aaron Kahn (Garfield) 7-2

119-Pounds: Dave Greenwald (St. Mary) tech. Fall Jeff Saslowsky (Pascack Valley) 2:47

119-Pounds: Dale Fava (Don Bosco Prep) maj. dec. Matt Morgenstern (Bergen Catholic) 13-5

119-Pounds: Brad Arlington (Mahwah) dec. Tom Picinnini (Northern Highlands) 5-2

119-Pounds: Daryl Cocozzo (River Dell) pin Ben Lee (Bergen Tech) 3:05

125-Pounds: Bryan Nunziato (Bergen Tech) tech fall Kevin Hanson (Ramsey) 3:40

125-Pounds: John Dack (Don Bosco Prep) pin John Murray (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 1:05

125-Pounds: Matt Lindsey (Paramus) pin P.J. Maio (Northern Highlands) 2:33

125-Pounds: Jimmy Grant (St. Mary) maj. dec. Frank Buenafuente (Garfield) 21-0

130-Pounds: Sal Tirico (Lodi) pin Christian Steuben (Northern Highlands) 3:10

130-Pounds: Ron Kein (Becton/Wallington) dec. Ken Giancola (Fair Lawn) 5-2

130-Pounds: Randy Dunkin (Bergen Catholic) tech. fall Jon Biango (Waldwick/Midland Park) 12-6

130-Pounds: Steve Rodriguez (North Bergen) dec. Anthony DePaola (Westwood) 10-3

135-Pounds: Ray Cottiers (New Milford) pin Lee Barden (Ramapo) 4:25

135-Pounds: Mike Incognito (Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge) pin Adam Strobel (Pascack Hills) 1:05

135-Pounds: Cory Dunn (Rutherford) tech. fall Dan Porta (Northern Valley/Demarest) 4:57

135-Pounds: Derek Sickles (Bergen Catholic) dec. Ryan Rotelli (Lodi) 6-0

140-Pounds: Rory O'Donnell (St. Joseph) tech. fall Nick Magaraci (Northern Valet/Old Tappan) 3:09

140-Pounds: Bob Cannici (St. Mary) dec. Matt Systma (Ramapo) 2-1

140-Pounds: Spencer Kent (Bergen Catholic) dec. Paul Forlai (Elmwood Park) 7-4

140-Pounds: Joe Schick (Fair Lawn) pin Jason Horowytz (Pascack Valley) :39

145-Pounds: Nick Bandreth (Emerson/Park Ridge) pin Rico Rodriguez (North Bergen) 1:49

145-Pounds: Roberto Cellis (Northern Highlands) dec. Ricky Jones (Westwood) 7-5 OT

145-Pounds: Brian Innis (St. Mary) dec. Jim Schultz (Ramapo) 10-8

145-Pounds: Brad Marquart (Rutherford) pin James Woods (Northern Valley/Demarest) 1:05

152-Pounds: Andrew Barnish (St. Joseph) pin John Zahn (Hasbrouck Heights/Park Ridge) 2:21

152-Pounds: Rich Eichenlaub (Pascack Hills) dec. Mark Getto (Northern Highlands) 6-4 OT

152-Pounds: Dan Woods (Northern Valley/Demarest) pin Lou Cevetello (St. Mary) 3:21

152-Pounds: Everett Sayers (Pascack Valley) dec. Eamonn Martin (River Dell) 4-3

160-Pounds: Lior Zamir (Fair Lawn) pin Sal Arrigo (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 4:20

160-Pounds: Turget Guersel (Cliffside Park) dec. Anthony Schiavello (Leonia/Palisades Park) 4-3

160-Pounds: Ben Davidson (St. Joseph) dec. John Procopio (Indian Hills) 10-7

160-Pounds: Bryan Fill (Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge) dec. Chad Van Dyk (Ramapo) 7-5

171-Pounds: Greg Osgoodby (Waldwick/Midland Park) maj. dec, Tony Vercelli (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 13-4

171-Pounds: Kevin Moran (Paramus) pin Derek Van Dyk (Ramapo) 3:19

171-Pounds: Yony Noy (Fair Lawn) maj. dec. Ricky Keenan (Bogota) 9-0

171-Pounds: Ed Dolan (St. Mary) dec. Mike Westphal (Dumont) 7-1

189-Pounds: Dillon Landi (Fair Lawn) maj. dec. Jason Elya (Ridgewood) 17-5

189-Pounds: Rich Vitale (River Dell) pin Andrew Riccardi (Ramapo) 2:27

189-Pounds: John Elia (Pascack Valley) pin Justin Dobish (Lodi) 2:14

189-Pounds: James Layman (Bergen Catholic) pin Cesar Fernandez (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 3:51

215-Pounds: Keith Dobish (Lodi) pin Steve Veyland (Bergen Tech) :52

215-Pounds: Sean Lissemore (Dumont) maj. dec. Dan Fugnitti (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 12-0

215-Pounds: James Cullere (Indian Hills) pin Marco Malpico (St. Mary) 4:54

215-Pounds: R.J. Cummins (Bergen Catholic) pin Hector Gomez (North Bergen) :16

275-Pounds: Diego Crespoi (Paramus Catholic) pin Joe Kaounis (St. Joseph) :37

275-Pounds: Eric Sewell (Hackensack) pin Jim Powers (Bergen Catholic) :46

275-Pounds: Ken Dryden (Emerson/Park Ridge) dec. Terry Stanford (Ridgefield Park/Ridgefield) 6-3

275-Pounds: Mark Fersa (Saddle Brook) dec. Joe Hamm (River Dell) 4-2

First and Second Round Results

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