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Park pins Township in TCYWL clash

by Dennis Wilson

Compliments of the Hanover Eagle and Regional Weekly News

Hanover Park rolled to a 102-24 victory over Hanover Township in the Tri-County Youth Wrestling League competition that took place on the mats of Hanover Park on Saturday.
Max Levinstone put the Township on the board first when he picked up six points with a forfeit win in the opening 50 pound weight division.
Hanover Park proceeded to go on an 11 bout winning streak, building up a 66-6 lead. Lou Mascola pinned Steve Godine at 54 pounds, Angelo Licata decked Paul Sykes in the 58 pound matchup and Nick Leider made it three straight falls when he showed Kevin Prosicki the gym lights at 62 pounds.
Alex Ardalino was awarded a forfeit win at 66 pounds and Parl grapplers proceeded to register six straight falls. Nick Serritella decked Don Andolino at 70 pounds, Ryan Thiabault put Don Casiero's shoulders to the mat at 74 pounds and Jake Grubert packed John Mahah in the 78 pound meeting. Ronnie Landy flattened Neil Mastrobuno at 82 pounds, Dario Marcello turned C.J. Engleberger to his back in the 86 pound weight class and R.J. Fisher pinned Matt Gregory at 90 pounds. Michael Thibault was awarded six points for a forfeit win at 94 pounds.
Scott DeMarco garnered the Township squad six points at 98 pounds when he pinned Joe Calabro. The Park contingent added 18 more points when Jionni LaValle at 102 and Elliot Hagburg at 116 pounds, received forfeit wins sandwich around a pin by Bob Grogan at 109 pounds over Joe Ficchi.
Travis Roy received a forfeit win for the Township at 123 pounds and his teammate Jon Trapp decked Anthony Serritella at 130 pounds to double the team score to 24.
Joe Williams picked up a forfeit win for the Park at 137 pounds followed by Bruce D'Amato pinning Billy Tungstead at 147 pounds. Chet Parlevecchio completed the Park victory parade when he pinned Atabey Kucukkarca in the final bout at 174 pounds.

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