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Sports In The Garden State™

SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM is a unique, professional journalistic organization. It operates as a division of SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC., a sports consulting, marketing, media and public relataions that was established in 1988 to serve the print, voice and television media.
SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM was officially launched in 1995 to provide a presence on the Internet and increase the ability of the parent firm to archive and increase local sports coverage that originates for the weekly print media.
SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC. is a division of SPORTS IN THE USA, INC. that provides sports consulting, marketing, media and public relations with roots dating back to March 1, 1956. For half a century the firm has provided services to the print media industry and beginning in 1995 to the Internet media.
SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM provides coverage of adult, college, high school, professional and youth sports in the State of New Jersey. The firm utilizes panels of coaches and media personnel who select pre-season and post-season All-Star teams. This provides a conduit not only to the print media but also Internet, radio and television coverage. Staff personnel assigned to this project have been involved in organizing and developing national polls in other sports since 1995.
SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC. serves as the ex-officio media and public relations office to all 23 high school sports conferences as well as youth leagues and other sports organizations by maintaining appropriate web sites under each of their domain names. The firm continually develops consulting agreements with other sports venues located within the State of New Jersey to upgrade the exposure of athletic competitions at all levels, both on the Internet as well as with the print, voice and television media outlets.
Its parent firm Sports In The USA™ has a roster that includes members of the working press, officers in national media organizations, former athletes, executives in professional sports organizations, computer experts as parents of aspiring youth leaguers, all of whom blend together to provide the general public with up-to-date sports coverage of all sports at all levels.These individuals serve as consultants to the state-level firms, including SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC.
While several "sports wannabees" have gone the gamut from lucrative IPOs to bankruptcy within the last five years, Sports In The USA™ has maintained annual profitability for nearly half a century, or to put it into sports terms, before Don Larson's perfect game as well as the Baltimore Colts-New York Giants championship game that elevated the NFL to the next level. The Olympics were staged "Down Under" in Melborune and the National Hockey League had six teams located in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, New York and Toronto but the firm was already operating in blue ink.
In 1988, Sports In The USA™ upgraded its editorial coverage from regional to national and commenced conducting national polls for NCAA Division III football. Staff members had pre-season previews published in national sports magazines and became voting members of national player awards at the NCAA Division I-A level as well as the Gagliardi Trophy and Melberger Award for Division III standouts.
In 1994, a sports marketing division was created that established and other subsidiaries. The parent firm and SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC. sponsored the first-ever NCAA-approved college football championship doubleheader in East Orange, NJ on November 23, 1996. Participating in the ECAC Division III Southeast and Southwest Championships were Franklin & Marshall College, Frostberg State University, the United States Merchant Marine Academy and Wilkes University. On December 22, 1996, the firm sponsored the first-ever NCAA Division III football all star game with the 1st Annual Holiday Classic pitting the Metropolitan New York All Stars against the Philadelphia Area All Stars. In future years, all star games were played in Paterson, NJ, Fayetteville, NC and Shreveport, LA paving the way for the NCAA-sanctioned Aztec Bowl. In November, 2002, became the youth advocacy outlet for the NFL and its Players' Association.
SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC. added a sports consulting division in 1995. It has served as sports consultants to local boards of education and colleges in New Jersey and its first local contract at the professional sports franchise level was with the New Jersey Red Dogs of the Arena Football League.
The firm has established a format for guaranteed national advertising income for affiliates as well as marketing strategies that can provide local revenues. If you have a web-site that provides coverage for a local adult and/or youth organization and require independent funding, the staff of SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC. . will provide established, successful revenue-raising concepts.
Dennis Wilson serves as the firm's CEO. He has an extensive background in sports and the sports media field. In high school he was the NJSIAA Group I shot put champion as well as a football second team all state selection by the Newark Evening News and third team choice by the Star-Ledger. At the college level, he played football and was the captain as well as Most Valuable Player of the conference champion track and field squad. He has continued to compete in USATF Masters' competitions, served as President of two bowling leagues and won a state-wide golf tournament. Wilson initiated the financial process that brought the Nets to New Jersey and served as General Chairman of the Official Welcome of the NBA to New Jersey. As President of the West Essex Chamber of Commerce, he developed the first-ever corporate-sponsored scholastic tournament in the nation and has served as a director of the National Football Foundation - Hall of Fame's Essex County Chapter.Wilson has written for national sports publications and served as Sports Media Director at the university, conference and professional levels. He is the architect of the NCAA's first and only football championship doubleheader and initiated the NCAA Division III All Star Game that is now known as the Aztec Bowl and is run by the American Football Coaches Association is the oldest coaching association in the United States. He is a voting member of most post-season football awards at all three levels and is serving his ninth straight year as President of the Metropolitan New York Football Writers Association. He is a past vice president of the New Jersey College Baseball Association and is a member of the Football Writers Association of America, Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association, New England Football Writers Association, New Jersey Sports Writers Association, Philadelphia College Football Writers Association and U.S. Basketball Writers Association.
Webmasters - if you have an interest in a lucrative affiliation with SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC. in which you retain your editorial and marketing independence but capture the financial rewards of associating with the State of New Jersey's premier sports venue on the Internet, we challenge you to discuss an affiliation with our organization. Kindly contact our firm via e-mail at [email protected] with a resume of your accomplishments and set forth your sports business objectives.

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