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SPORTS IN THE GARDEN STATE, INC., a division of SPORTS IN THE USA, INC., the nation's largest sports wire service for the weekly print media industry, has positions available throughout the State of New Jersey. The firm is the major player in the print, video, voice and Internet media industry in the state and also renders sports consulting services to professional sports franchises and collegiate organizations. This provided the sales/marketing force with more targets for aggressive individuals than any other industry.

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Sports is the 23rd largest industry in the world so why not become involved and begin earning. Start your rise to the financial summit by selling advertising and developing sponsorships for internet, print and video media affiliates of the firm. Positions are available on a part-time and/or full time basis with a compensation schedule that provides the highest financial rewards among sales individuals in any industry. The winning candidates will have an interest in various sports, a basic understanding of the benefits of targeted concepts and promotions plus a competitive desire to excel and succeed in soliciting positive advertising and marketing revenues.

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