"We Make Wrestling An Art!"


Ron Jones

3rd in Regional Olympic Trials

2-Time All American

2-Time Metropolitan Champion

2-Time Masters National Champion

Inducted into Rutgers-Newark Hall of Fame

Inducted into Manchester Regional High School Hall of Fame

3-Time Passaic County Champion

Rutgers University Head Coach (2 Years) and Assistant Coach (4 Years)

Directions to Drillmasters

2001-2002 Students

2001-2001 NJSIAA Placewinners

1999-2000 NJSIAA Placewinners

Championship Training & Conditioning

Drilling to music developed by Ron Jones:

A system with proven results used at Rutgers University

Super Location

10 Park Place

Building 6 - 2nd Floor

Butler, NJ 07405

For details call: Ron Vargo (Director) at (973) 779-1101 Monday -Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM








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