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Andreia Dias

Bi-Lingual Broadcaster

Dias, a resident of Elizabeth, serves as a Bi-Lingual Broadcaster for the firm as she is fluent in English and Portuguese. During the spring-summer soccer season, she arranged, scripted and supervised all interview assignments for the Newark Ironbound Express of the USL Premier Development League, a management client of the firm.
A graduate of Elizabeth High School and the CSM School of Broadcasting, Dias has intervied New York Giant Hall-of-Famer George Martin at The Prudential Center in Newark along with Governor John Corzine and Assemblywoman Grace Spencer at the Ironbound Soccer Association Banquet at the Mediterranean Manor in Newark.

George Martin

Hon. Grace Spencer

Hon. John Corzine

Hon. Albert Coutinho

Teaneck High School

Giants Football Hall of Famer

NJ Assemblywoman

Governor of New Jersey

NJ Assemblyman

Cheering Competition

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