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Mike Shanahan punts the 2012 season back frustrating detriment to PanthersBy (Associated Press)The Washington Redskins have four extra kin games left. Redskins season-ticket holders want be pleased to know that,among their coach's mind, they're paying to discern four exhibition games. And tickets to FedEx Field aren't inexpensive.brbrYes, sounds prefer he has conceded. Washington namely 3-6, and Shanahan appears prepared to wail it a season and begin working towards subsequently year.brbr"You lose a game customized baseball jerseyfavor that,immediately you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. I'll get a accident to evaluate players and discern where we're at Shanahan said, . "Obviously, we're not out of it statistically,barely immediately we find out what type of persona we've got and how guys reserve on fighting amongst the recess of the season."brbr[Related: ]brbrThere are probably better ways to motivate a crew than to mention publicly that the hereafter is what matters for theretro mlb jersey final seven games of the season. You'd think that Shanahan would be desperate to obtain repeatedly playoff win, considering he has just one since the annihilate of the 1998 season, and wouldn't give up hope until it's mathematically impossible. But not he's sending the punt crew aboard.brbrAnd that's never the funniest chapter of his statement. The smile out noisy part is Shanahan doesn't seem to achieve that the Redskin who should be evaluated maximum closely over the final seven games namely himself.brpersonalized nfl jerseybrbrbrbrbrAuburn director Gene Chizik is probably dumbfounded along how long Shanahan has coasted off his past championships. Shanahan is 14-27 with the Redskins and Washington fans to defend him. Yet,behind falling to 3-6, Shanahan clearly feels confident enough in his job security to announce the final seven games are an audition for his players as then season. Shanahan hasn't really done much since John Elway played his last game to acquire that type of comfort level.brbrShanahan has final say in personhl uniformsnnel for the Redskins, and meantime the migrate to get quarterback Robert Griffin III was bravery and correct, he has done just because lacking of a job building the roster because he did within Denver. Washington didn't emerge particularly well coached among a home loss to a Panthers troop that came into the game 1-6. The Redskins don't arise much better off today than they were meantime Shanahan took over,abreast from the addition of Griffin. And Griffin would still be nearly as the then coach to constrcheap mlb jerseysuct approximately whether Shanahan namely let go.brbrTwo anonymous players they were bothered at Shanahan's comments, believing he shouldn't have publicly said he was evaluating personnel as afterward season.brbr"You have a lot of guys that want to win quickly,folk toward the annihilate of their careers who have been here a long phase haven't been to the playoffs among a long duration linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said,along to the Post. "And ultimately that's what you activity as to work to a Super Bowl.bwholesale cheap nfl jerseysr