Sports In Chester

First settlers arrived in the 1730s and were mainly farmers. Chester was incorporated as a township in 1799 and in the 1880s, iron ore was the primary industry. By the turn of the century, the mining heyday had ended and Chester once again turned to agriculture.
In 1930, the borough split from the township and was incorporated as its own entity.

Historic Chester Village

Located north of Route 206 is Chester's Main Street shops which stretch for a half-mile and maintain a 19th Century profile. The buildings house a variety of shops, including antiques, arts, crafts and other merchandise.

Chester Borough is goerned by a mayor who serves a term of four years and a council of six at-large members that meets on the first and third Mondays at the Borough Hall that is locacetd at 300 Main Street.

Chester Sports Reports

West Morris High School