Affiliate Opportunites with SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM

SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM, Inc. is unique inasmuch as it is a professional journalistic operation for the Internet as well as the print, voice and television media. It offers lucrative opportunites to talented sports writers and webmasters who are operating successful print media operations and/or web-sites in the field of female sports at all levels from youth competitions to professionals. There is no limit to the earnings potential that exists for those individuals. Now is to the time for free agent sports webmasters to join the roster at SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM, Inc. We are quickly developing an infracture for a firm at which highly motivated individuals who produce winning results, will race to greater local, county and state-wide recognition in record time.

If you have an interest in a lucrative affiliation with SPORTSINTHEGARDENSTATE.COM, Inc. in which you retain your editorial and marketing independence, we would like you to discuss an affiliation with our organization. Kindly contact our firm via e-mail at
[email protected] with a resume of your accomplishments and and set forth your sports business objectives.