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Jaguars first-round pick Justin Blackmon arrested Sunday as aggravated DUIBy Juston Blackmon had better block trying apt develop an supplement gear"on America's freeways. (Getty)brbrThings are not starting well within the relationship among the and first-round elect The former Oklahoma State standout receiver whom the Jags traded up apt choose with the fifth overall elect was arrested early Sunday a m aboard a dictate of aggravated DUI among Stillwater, Okla,nba jerseys.brbrThe arrest, , was for a characteristicwholesale soccer jerseys dictate tied to a blood liquor level of .15 or more -- amid truth,along apt reports, he blew a .24, which is very a morsel more than the legal impede of .08. He was booked into jail by nigh 10 a.m. CT.brbrPer the World's report, the commander who pulled Blackmon over at?around?three a.m. CT "smelled liquor and observed Blackmon was unsteady aboard his feet, had slurred speech and glassy and blood-shot eyes."brbrBlackmon's Sunday mugshot. (Tulsa World)This namely not Blackmon's 1st issue of this type. In Octobercheap soccer jersey of 2010, he was arrested within Carrollton, Texas,by 3:45 a.m.on a DUI complaint meantime driving to a Dallas Cowboys game. According to police radar, he was driving 92 mph amid a 60 mph zone when the cops caught up to him. He was aboard his access to the game without permission to leave the crew from head adviser Mike Gundy, who suspended him as one game.brbr"I'm embarrassed apt be in this position. ... I penetrate before to redeeming myself and proving apt everyone that this isn't who I am," Blackmon said aftwholesale cheap nfl jerseyserward the incident. "I'm not this fellow I'm humbled by this experience and I ambition grow from it."brbrThis ambition never support his case.brbr[]brbrBlackmon, who caught 252 passes as 3,564 yards and?40 touchdowns for the Cowboys amid three seasons and led the nation with 20 scores within 2010, was thought to be the "safest"select among the elite receivers among his draft class. Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, whom some believed apt be more purely gifted went 13th apt the Arizona Cardinals; his design stock was custom hockey jerseysimpacted apt a degree by a history of alcohol-related arrests. The Jaguars, desperate as a prime target for second-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert, traded up two spots with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers apt take Blackmon, giving up a fourth-round elect among the process.brbr"He equitable has an verge to him," Jaguars brain consultant Mike Mularkey said of his new receiver next the blueprint"He has a confidence and air about him that you like receivers apt have," the Jaguars adviser said. "There are a lot of things I dallas cowboys jerseyprefer almost him. I prefer the access he lines up and says the companion across from me can't cover me. He's a huge playmaker, a companion that can do things while the ball namely within his hands and that's important amid this league to have run then catch aptitude"brbrAs the fifth-overall elect Blackmon is expected apt receive a contract worth about $20 million if all terms are met. He hasn't signed a contract yet he's still subject to discipline underneath the league's analgesic and personal conduct policiesnfl jerseys for