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Eastern Christian (15-4-2) and Pompton Lakes (15-4-1) posted the top records with the Lady Eagles winning the Passaic County Tournament by going to overtime to edge Wayne Valley (10-6-2) 1-0.


Pompton Lakes Shirah Odeh was the Player of the Year while other standouts were Clifton's Cassie DePeri, Eastern Christian's Erin Veenstra, Wayne Hills' Melida Monroe and Wayne Valley's Stephanie Rosen.

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2000 Passaic County Girls' Soccer All-Star Team

First Team

Seccond Team

Third Team

Heidi Culp

Eastern Christian

Jen Chambers

Hawthorne Christian

Stacey Del'Re

Wayne Hills

Cassie DePeri


Emily Hickey

Wayne Valley

Debbie Minarick

Wayne Valey

Melinda Monroe

Wayne Hills

Amy Bakema

Eastern Christian

Shirah Odeh

Pompton Lakes

Erin Veenstra

Eastern Christian

Liz D'Alto


Stephanie Rosen

Wayne Hills


Wayne Valley

Seetha Maneypanda


Greta Kuiken

Eastern Christian

Jessica Garofolo

Wayne Valley

Allison Grogan

Wayne Hills

Christy Mongak

Wayne Hills

Jackie Monk

Wayne Hills

Lauren Kowalski


Alexis Wood

West Milford

Danielle Caveglio

Pompton Lakes

Lauren Wolfe

West Milford

Stephanie Leporini

Passaic Valley

Allie Cervino

Wayne Valley

Shannon Hodges

Pompton Lakes

Marissa Mandaro


Tara Hager

Mcnchester Regional

Heather Andes


Cara Cornett


Allison Donofrio

Wayne Hills

Jen Switzer

Hawthorne Christian

Jen Uther

Manchester Regional

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