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Randolph earned Team of the Year accolades as fourth-year head coach Colleen Sufflay's Rams posed as 23-1-1 record, winning the Iron Hills Conference - Iron Division, Morris County Tournament, NJSIAA North Jersey, Section 2, Group IV and NJSIAA Group IV championships.


Senior captain Erica Wideberg and her classmates Shinobu Bharaj, Megan Curren, Karla Sciarello, Eugenia Siamus amd Donna Youker were the veterans while the underclass standouts were Kristin Ginty, Laura Gubitosa, Kaitlyn Halesworth, Frances Neurotsos, Jamie Onuscak, Katie Ponzi, Kattie Rijjola, Kathy Stillman, Megan Strenk, Vicky Vernicak, Susie Whitten and Anna Zibit.

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2000 Morris County Girls' Soccer All-Star Team

Coach of the Year

Colleen Sufflay


Butler's Heather McKenna obliterated the existing one-year old single-season scoring record of nine set in 1999 by Jessica Smith when she tickled the opponents' twine on 25 occasions..

First Team

Seccond Team

Seccond Team

Jen Stillmam


Shannon Alger

Morris Catholic

Meghan Cameron


Courtney Deerin

Morris Catolic

Ashley Kramer


Casey McCann


Kerri McMahon

Morris Knolls

Eugenia Siamus


Lindsay Smith

Morris Catholic

Amy Swiatecki-McCabe


Erica Wideberg


Amy Aiello

West Morris

Kerry Adler

West Morris

Meghan Balaisius


Shinobu Bharaj


Jen Donoghue


Jen Garrabrant

Morris Knolls

Laura Gubitosa


Heather McKenan


Bevin Patterson

Morris Hills

Tiffany Roesler

Morris Knolls

Vicku Vernicek


Kelly Till


Allison Anderson

Moris Knolls

Kelly Bartz


Nicole Basi


Jackie Chikosky


Dominique Frio

Villa Walsh

Dawn Gilchrist


Cara Keating

West Morris

Lindsay Munday

Mountain Lakes

Leigh Odell


Meghan Strenk


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Honorable Mention

Bayley-Ellard: Mary Beth Keyes, Cathy Nelcoski; Butler: Jackie Chikosky, Jessica Smith, Kelly Till; Chatham: Chase Gaertner, Caitlyn Kuntz, Ashleigh Ross, Jessica Sheets: Doveer: Monica Colucci, Maggie Steffen; Hanover Park: Michelle Enderle; Hopatcong: Krystal Blanos, Gina Fiorteino, Tara Varone; Jefferson: Dawn Gilcgrist, Erin Headley; Kinnelon: Lindsey Bishop, Stacy Bissell, Rachel Walsh; Madison: Andrea Huber, Leigh Odell; Mendham: Jenny Theiss, Jill Whitehead; Morris Catholic: Samantha Bahnsen, Alexis DiBuono, Katelyn McCormick; Morris Hills: Corinne Andrew, Elizabeth Kanya, Leandra Sedlacek; Morris Knolls: Alllison Andreano, Nicki Martin; Morristown: Jessie McKenzie, Lindsay Webber; Mountain Lakes: Michelle Luciano; Newton: Brittani Heller, Kristina Reinhardt; Parsippany: Nicole Bassi; Parsippany Hills: Kamile Edwards, Lindsay McNeil; Pequannok: Laura Allen, Nicole Bottino; Pope John: Erin Teeling; Randolph: Shinobu Bharaj, Vicki Vernicel; Roxbury: Kim Ciriaco, Kristen Leonhard, Jaime Rodgen, Leannie Wojcik; Sparta: Andrea Freiberger; St. Elizabeth: Julie Ferramosca, Lauren Tuthill; Villa Walsh: Amanda Faehner, Dominique Frio, Jrss Garcia; Wrst Morris: Amy Aiello, Jenna Gantner, Meredith Spangler

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